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A real-time video verification alarm system will help protect your business, customers, and bottom line. In case of an intrusion, this system will transmit video of the unwanted visitor to a central monitoring station. Vital information is then relayed to the responding authorities. If the system, or employees monitoring the video, validates the presence of an intruder, the police are dispatched immediately.

video verification alarm system

Video verification from Viking Security means you can actively monitor security camera visuals and audio feeds for potential threats. When an incident occurs, these systems — via a monitoring center — can impact a more positive outcome quickly by sharing information and live video and audio feeds with responding authorities.

These abilities mean a video verification alarm system will help ensure quicker law enforcement response times and better communication during any incident. The same information can be used to quickly confirm false alarms, and video verification can also help meet regulatory requirements for emergency dispatch in certain municipalities; both of which will help eliminate unwanted expenses.

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We offer commercial security systems that protect businesses, schools, and government institutions. Keep your business safe all day and night with our variety of services that are guaranteed to keep your building as protected as possible. Viking Security has more than two decades of experience in this area, and has enhanced those strengths with our recent partnership with ProTech Security.

Together, in collaboration with a trusted chain of forward-thinking equipment providers, we’ll design and implement the right video verification alarm system for your facility. We know how important it is for your business to feel safe, and we’ll help you get there with an effective, professional commercial security system.

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